March 26th 2005


This was an interactive dance wall produced with AllofUs for Motorola, to show at the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The idea was to provide the user with a signature music loop that could be downloaded from a website as a ringtone.

The user was captured in front of a screen, these 24 frames were then animated along a 20 foot LED wall, to make a moving image of the user that ‘danced’ down the length of the installation, merging with the graphics as it went. The loops were created by analysing the amount of user movement, the colour of their clothing and their size. This data then drove changes in an application created by myself in Max/Msp to modulate playback of sound files i had created, and to make a continuous stream of evolving loops.

Below is an example of the audio.

Motomotion audio from owen lloyd on Vimeo.