Repeat To Fade reel from owen lloyd on Vimeo.

Working with music, sound, image and interaction since 1997, I have worked on a large number of very high profile, award-winning projects from online games and involved experiential websites to installed computer games for museums and kinetic interactive installations. The awards these projects have won include BAFTAs, D&AD best in shows, and Cannes Lions.

My experience over the years, as well as my research, has resulted in a highly specialized understanding of sound as applied to interactivity and pre-existent phenomena, wedded to an in-depth understanding of how these concepts can be realized from a technical perspective.

My services include music composition, sound design and sound editing, audio interaction design and implementation, audio recording, field recording, audio visual system programming using Max/Msp/Jitter, editing to picture for film, television and advertising, music mixing/mastering and music and audio consultation, both in terms of creative direction and system design.

Among my clients are some of the world’s most prestigious brands, the cream of advertising and digital agencies, museums and TV companies. The most important fact, however, is that they return, time and time again.

I am also a lecturer in new music at various institutions as well as teaching part time on the Composition BMus at RWCMD.

Also, a little note to say that this version of repeat to fade was designed by Carsten Schneider and Chris O’Shea and the CSS labyrinth has been negotiated by Chris. Thanks so much to the pair of them.